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Anna Bergendahl is 26 years old and has already been on stage for over half of her life. She has been on a long and intensive journey from ‘Idol’ and ’Melodifestivalen’, via a launch in the USA through to 2018, now returning with new, personalised material. Anna has managed to fit in her studies to be a qualified doctor and worked as a goodwill-ambassador at the UN in conjunction with her incredible career as an artist.

As young as eight years of age, Anna Bergendahl sang in front of an audience when she delivered Céline Dions, “My Heart Will Go On” in York Cathedral in the UK. Then five years later Anna appeared on Swedish TV for the first time, performing the song “Play That Funky Music” on the TV4 programme “Super Troupers”.

At the age of sixteen, Anna was back on TV4 where she was successful auditioning for the Swedish Idol show and was acclaimed by the jury as one of the best ever artists they’ve had in the competition. Her audition where she leaves the judges open mouthed at her fantastic voice is one of the program’s classic clips with several million views on YouTube.

As an 18-year-old Anna Bergendahl definitely showed that her unique voice and stage presence can reach out from the largest of stages when she appeared in the Melodifestivalen performing the song, “This is my Life”, written by Kristian Lagerström (lyrics) and Bobby Ljunggren (music). She won the final convincingly with 214 points and went on to represent Sweden in the biggest entertainment program in the world, The Eurovision Song Contest. Winning for Sweden wasn’t to be on this occasion but Anna got over the disappointment quickly and was soon on the road to new dreams and new goals, some of which would soon become reality.

The same year, (2010) Anna embarked on an extensive tour around Sweden and released her debut album “Yours Sincerely” that went directly to the top of the Swedish music charts. Anna also performed on a range of TV shows including Allsång på Skansen, Sommarkrysset and Lotta på Liseberg.

The American Dream
After the intensive period surrounding Melodifestivalen and her debut record, Anna took a long break travelling through Asia. While she was away her record company director, Maria Ljunggren Molin at Lionheart Music Group sent several of Anna’s songs to the world-famous producer Larry Klein. He had previously worked with some of her all-time idols such as Tracy Chapman and Joni Mitchell. When it became clear that Larry liked what he heard, Anna cut short her journey. Instead of a holiday in Asia, Anna travelled to the USA in order to record music with the many times Grammy-winner. At the age of 19 Anna found herself in the same studio as many of her idols had been before recording an album with her dream producer.

As Anna’s dreams became reality, it was also intermittently tough for her with many a long night alone in a hotel, away from family and friends. The album, “Something to Believe in” with the singles, “Live and Let Go” and “I Hate New York” were released in Sweden in 2012 and the following year a documentary was released in Sweden about Anna’s time in the USA. During this time, Anna collaborated for the first time with song-writer and producer Tobias Fröberg on the island of Gotland.

Work continued in the USA with the release of her album but it was delayed until 2015 which was to become an intensive year. As the record was released, Anna Bergendahl embarked on an American tour supporting singer-songwriter Lera Lynn. On top of this, Anna released two new songs that were recorded together with Tobias Fröberg – “Business” and “For You”. The Norwegian group, Broilers remix of “For You” became a big hit which led to Anna Bergendahl to perform at the Spellemannprisen, 2015, the Norwegian version of the Grammy’s.
The Return
The year after the USA-launch was a time when Anna Bergendahl became somewhat tired with the music industry’s empty promises and the need to always fall in line with the opinions of others. Big plans had been made in the US with all of the details finalized, then suddenly an extensive re-organisation was undertaken. Key people dropped out which lead to most of the plans not coming to fruition. At the same time Anna was going through a difficult time in her private life when her father became ill.

Also during this period, Anna started to discover herself, both in writing and through taking the time to develop her own ideas in the studio.
2018 and Anna Bergendahl is back with a new sound, derived from within herself. New songs are to be released in January, “Vice” and “Broken Melody”, created together with Anders Pettersson and David Lindgren Zacharias. Anna has retained her roots in soul and gospel, but with more political and existential lyrics than before concerning for example panic attacks and how it is to be a young female artist in today’s music industry.

Apart from the music
In parallel with her music career Anna has worked since 2011 as a goodwill-ambassador with the UN, an engagement that’s become very important for her. As an ambassador, Anna has been involved with girls’ rights through a project called Girls.
2016 Anna Bergendahl started her studies to be a doctor and in the Spring of 2018 she embarks on the third year of the course.

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