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Pophouse Investments

We’re building the world’s most vibrant catalogue of entertainment intellectual property rights.


The opportunity to generate value by breathing new life into beloved artists, songs and concepts has never been greater.

Pophouse Investments is our engine to support artists in long term brand building – amplifying their legacy and revenue streams on multiple platforms and in new formats.

Through our investment philosophy, we build the brand and value of music rights for iconic artists. We put storytelling and concept development at the heart of the process. The duality between the creative and the financial is our way of working.

The Pophouse model for amplifying value
The ability to elevate stories around music Proven methodology to drive revenue uplift In-house toolbox of technology and brand building concepts;In-house toolbox of technology;
A toolbox for value-creation

The Pophouse Toolbox

is used to amplify the value of each catalogue and artist brand – driven by a powerful vision and overarching narrative that impacts a range of channels and platforms, from movies and documentaries to streaming optimisation, podcasts, exhibitions, social media, and next-generation live entertainment. To succeed, we offer a range of capabilities within media, marketing, production, and services. For each tool, Pophouse brings a dedicated function to deliver success, and a strong track-record through industry-leading experts.

Uniquely positioned to win

Network and reputation

Seasoned music insiders with the trust required to access the community of high-profile artists and rights holders

Use of data

Data-driven approach to analyse the spectrum of music IP, identifying growth patterns and hidden potential

Extensive experience

The Pophouse team brings unique insights in new areas of catalogue benefitting from out-sized, elevated growth

Cutting edge

Pophouse and the team have been on the cutting edge of companies and new formats redefining music (podcasts, avatars, games, NFTs)