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Perfect Day Media

Pophouse acquires Perfect Day Media

Perfect Day was founded in 2011 by Swedish celebrity sisters Hannah Widell and Amanda Schulman. They are themselves two of Sweden’s biggest podcast stars, as well as creative directors for Perfect Day. As such, they are developing, producing and driving creative sales for many of the most popular podcasts in the country, in genres ranging from talk shows and comedy shows to football documentaries. The company has been acclaimed for its ability to generate new hit podcasts and exceed creative boundaries, which has made them a driving force in the Swedish podcast landscape.

The company has an outstanding position in a growing market, with a unique ability to create new commercial listener successes. The company has a number of top chart podcasts, including “Alex & Sigge”, “Apologies”, “When We Were Kings” and “the Friday Podcast”. The acquisition is our first in audio and creative content, and part of our long-term ambition to become European market leaders in podcast content. 

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