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About us

We make space for new ideas to grow

This is Pophouse

Pophouse Entertainment is a rapidly scaling entertainment company. With exceptional standards and ambitions, the company creates, acquires, and develops entertainment brands.

As a creatively oriented company, we enable bold ideas through all the brands, venues, and tools that we own and operate. We exist to unlock the power of entertainment.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the go-to powerhouse of original ideas, delivering next-generation entertainment and quality experiences for the many

Our vision

We are a values– and purpose-driven firm, promoting Swedish values of equality, trust and openness in a global market environment

Our mission

Unlock the power of entertainment

Our business model

At Pophouse, we amplify the value of our brands by working passionately on developing them into next generation entertainment experiences, and connecting them to new audiences.

We bridge analogue and digital worlds, to bring entertainment and interactive experiences ever closer together. We believe in a future where ideas, genres, technologies, formats and channels are blended in new ways. These unexpected combinations will give birth to the next generation of pop culture.

In the rapidly scaling Pophouse ecosystem, the Pophouse investment arm is our own engine.

Pophouse combines unique investment capabilities and entertainment market knowhow with distinctive inhouse competencies in creative concept development, brand strategy and marketing.

By creatively developing brands, Pophouse nurtures the value of its investments. Always with the mission of turning them into evergreen entertainment franchises.


With leading roles from companies and brands like Disney, EQT, ABBA, Manchester United, Universal, Airbnb, Cirque de Soleil among others.